Songs for an Apocalypse (edited 2014)

by Pete Brazier

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A selection of tracks from my year 2000 album 'Songs for an Apocalypse'


released December 13, 2014




Pete Brazier Thornbury, UK

I am a singer/songwriter/youthworker/artist/prophet kind of guy. I’ve been writing songs since the age of 4 and recording since the age of 16. I am a minister in the British Methodist Church.

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Track Name: I Have Fallen
From the Cheap red van that carried me home
From the dreams I had at Greenbelt
From the autumn sunrise across Torbay
From my rediscovery of laughter

I have fallen; I have faded
I have stumbled back to my messy room
I have eaten badly and I stayed in bed late
And I watched too much trash on the TV

From the things that I learned in that dirty old town
From the calling I felt to come home
From the dreams that I had for a Big Fish Café
From the time that I had on my hands


I have failed to write letters or speak out loud
I have failed to dance and failed to pray
I haven’t yet written the song that I hoped to
And I certainly haven’t played it

Track Name: Don't Give Up Girl
Don’t give up girl
On all the things you search for
I have seen men with deeper souls
Than the tunnels that run below Fairmile
I have heard words that bring me to tears
And voices that could’ve come from angels
I have seen men who were tougher than nails
Who only raise a hand to say, “I’ll take the blame”

Don’t give in girl
To all the things that haunt you
You deserve more than all these second bests
And all the times you think that that’s the best you’ll get
You don’t need the pain just to keep yourself real
When there’s pain enough in just giving love
When one man will die just to let you be free
You at least deserve someone who knows what you’re worth

And I have seen fields full of canvas and fire
Where prophets still speak and stories are told
And I have cried in the arms of an angel
And I have been lost in hollow despair
Hearts can be broken and days become dust
And you may forget the things that we said
But hold tight to the trouble inside you
‘Cos it could destroy you or keep you alive

(Verse 1&2)

And you mean the world to me
Track Name: Candida Casa
I walked these deserts, long before I knew you;
Oh sweet Desert Fathers, teach us how to pray.
I searched for secrets, deep within this land;
The spirits of our saints were there, guiding us, reminding us.

I sang in liturgies, freer than the wind;
Teach us how to lose ourselves, you bards of yesterday.
Dazzled by the woven chord, tradition not the past;
The spirits of our prophets sang, guiding us, reminding us.

I see the broken strands, the culture of divide;
Oh sweet Celtic Christians, teach us what we lost.
Your wider family, your hospitality;
The fire of your community, rebuilding us, redeeming us.

Candida Casa, this shining house,
Heavenly father, is built by you,
And by your son, it is restored,
And in your Spirit, like sunlight is bathed.
Track Name: El Niño
Verse1 A rock falls
The spirit calls
The penny drops
The heart stops
A moment of doubt
A fire breaks out

Chorus He is the catalytic converter
He is the Spanner in the works
He is the fly in the ointment
He is the knee for all your jerks
He is the nutter in the bus queue
He is the cure for all your ills (car for all your thrills - second time)
He is the girl you loved but never spoke to
He is the payment for your bills

Verse2 A light flash
Your car will crash
A light dawns
And your soul mourns
A moment of quiet
And then the riot


Middle Something spreads, a knock on effect
Startling change, despite years of neglect
A kind of El Niño, in the spirits of men
When you hear the thunder, what will you do then?
A domino tumbles; the chase has begun
A forest fire started, by the heat of the sun
The secret is out, but could it be true
Everything broken, could one day be new

Verse3 A fuse blows
And everyone knows
Something is wrong
But they won’t tag along
Afraid of the change
The light seems strange

Track Name: Serpent Song
I heard a whisper worming through the ground
In the warm moist soil, a hollow sound
It isn’t true, although maybe it is,
The worm had stolen this bitter kiss

It wasn’t his to be passing around
To carry inside him beneath the ground
It isn’t true this sticky pain
So silent whisper please hush again

No, it’s worse than a lie, for lies are weak
And this wicked creature need hardly speak
It opens its mouth and it utters a stare
And my warm flesh is tortured all skeleton bare

It just isn’t true though that hope ever died
This thing stole the truth and with it died
So bring down forgiveness o child of the cross
Pour it into the wounds where we suffered the loss

Spirit remind us for I swear we’ll forget
That hope will not pass till we see heaven yet
Father take hold of us and straighten us up
Empty our mouths and refill our cup

So bring to our lips words that are true
To the spirit inside not the stupid things we do
And I pray that we’ll change on the outside as well
How can we build heaven when we treat this place like hell?

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