Work in Progress

by Pete Brazier

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Work in Progress was an album essentially recorded in a small room in Devon in 2007. It contains several songs that were new at the time and a number of others that I had been working on for several years before hand. The oldest of these is 'Patterns in the Sand' which first saw the light of day on my album 'Big Tree' way back in 1996. This version of the album is slightly updated from the 2007 version as Patterns in the Sand has been remixed slightly and Shooting Stars had a significant remix and an extended intro added. Also I really disliked the original album cover so I changed that too.


released January 16, 2012




Pete Brazier Thornbury, UK

I am a singer/songwriter/youthworker/artist/prophet kind of guy. I’ve been writing songs since the age of 4 and recording since the age of 16. I am a minister in the British Methodist Church.

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Track Name: Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars

Your beauty underlines you, but it is not who you are
And even though you’re walking in the sunlight
Something feels much colder than it ever was before
And you’re waiting for another light to warm you

Some embraces leave you wanting more
Than you had before, or could ever hold within those hands
Passing faces made you think of days
Back when you were small, and never questioned who you were

Your future hasn’t found you, but it’s waiting in the wings
Listening to hear its cue to enter
The light has never left you but it sometimes burns so low
That people cannot see and wander past you

Shooting stars used to calm you down
Keep you on the ground, but with your head still in the clouds
Crashing waves told you not to fear
Brining heaven near as water washes over stone

Do not wait for reason to find you
Do not wait for purpose to walk away again
And when it comes you will be waiting
When it comes, you will be ready

Your beauty underlines you, but it will not take you far
No further than the eyes of men will wander
And though you search for love still, it’s everywhere you look
Hiding in those unpredicted places

Shooting stars, frosty morning air
Sunrise on the sea, or in the nightclub’s thumping beat
Crashing waves, the stranger’s smiling face
Finding heaven’s place like water rushing through your soul

Do not wait for reason to find you
Do not wait for purpose to walk away again
And when it comes you will be waiting
When it comes, you will be ready…
Track Name: In this life
In this life

There are places where we'll never walk,
Landscapes we will never see,
Horizons we will never know of,
People we will never be.

There are sunsets we won't even look at,
Dreams that pass when morning comes,
Oceans we will never swim in,
Songs that we will never hear

In this life, at least in this life,
In another, my sister my brother,
Who knows what we may see,
Who knows what we may see.

There are thoughts that will elude us,
Memories that fade away,
There are cliffs to high to climb,
Caves where light will never shine.

There are reasons we will forfeit
Purposes that won't be known,
Places we just can't go back to,
Friends that we won't meet again

In this life, at least in this life,
In the other, my sister my brother,
Who knows what we may see,
Who knows what we may be.
In this life, we pray, just this life
In the next, the unwritten text,
God knows what will become of us,
God knows what will be done.
His will be done, and everything under the sun.
And after the battle is won, his will be done.
Track Name: This Town
This Town

Verse 1
This town, this bundle of towns
Confuse me, diffuse me and my inner fight
Leave me mourning the missing light
“Hey” I say to them, “don’t you want to be?”
They say “no sir not me”

Verse 2
This town, this bundle of frowns
Bungalow crowns and every kingdom cracks,
Under the strain of a new idea
Don’t you want to be something?
No sir, no sir not me

There has to be a reason to be here
Something more than everything with chips
The tacky bars and the hen nights, the bitch fights under the streetlights
There has to be a bigger plan than this

Across the water we hear a whisper
Across the water we hear hope
Take a look beneath the surface
Put you ear to the ground
Across hills we feel the movement
Across the days the tale is told
Put your hand to the wheel
And drive the future home
And drive the future home
And drive the future home

Verse 3
This bay, this meaningless stay
It takes the biscuit and the remains of the day
It throws caution to a wind that never blows
Such beauty with no spirit
Like a long dead Pharaoh or a valley of bones

There has to be a reason to be here
Something more than Free Church politics
The companies and the factories, the hotels and the motels
There has to be a deeper wage to earn
There has to be a spirit still that keeps us here
Something more than “we can’t be arsed to move”
The local bar, Cinema or the neon lights beneath your car
There has to be a brighter light that burns

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Encircle Me
Spirit of God to surround me
Spirit of God, to protect me
Spirit of God, to uphold me
Spirit of God, to enfold me

Spirit of God, to redeem me
Spirit of God, to restore me
Spirit of God, to empower me
Spirit of God, to bind me

Spirit of God, go before me
Spirit of God, be above me
Spirit of God, walk behind me
Spirit of God, lay beneath me

Three in one, one in three
Encircle me
Track Name: Patterns in the Sand
Patterns in the sand

It was one of those days when I was looking for promises
Somewhere between the sun and the moonlit sky
Do you think I found a sunset, do you think I saw a cross
Do you think I saw the most ridiculous angels

It was one of those days when I was looking for miracles
Something to say the man was still alright
Do you think I ate the chips, do you think I read your lips
Do you think I saw the answers in the poems

From the patterns in the sand
To the holding of your hands
When I asked for proof that only I could see
From your wild rebellious feelings
To the man who did the healings
I recognised the God who valued me

It was one of those days when the stranger smiles as walking past
And you never know just what it is they’ve seen
And I had to see the ring, and I had to hear you sing
And I had to hear the calling once again

It was one of those days when I knew how to write the songs
And the wings inside my soul began to spread
And you showed that you knew me, and everything inside me
And you held out your hand and took me home

(repeat chorus)
I realise the challenges are bigger than I thought
I’m gonna have to move myself again
And if I keep on searching, and if I keep my head
And if I keep my eyes upon the signs along the way

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Bring Down the Worthless Day
Bring Down the Worthless Day

Bring down the worthless day
Let its heart be washed away
May the sadness of things and the wrong and the rain
Be lost in the ground with the past and the pain
For the future is here with us now
It’s here with us now

Drink in the sweet red wine
See the light that’s down the line
Close your eyes breathe in the air
Soon you’ll see that spring is here
Let not the bottom line
Be a thing to count as mine
With the numbers of nothings, and losing and losses
May idiots hush and the reasonless bosses
And the ignorant voices be gone
All the voices be gone

No longer the wisdom of empty men
No longer the words of an empty pen
Time for real words and actions
No more factions or reactions born in hate or fear
The future is near

I’m getting younger I can see
I’ve been the oldest I can be
A lot of ways I know how to die
But now it’s time to be alive
Will of God be nearer still
I’ve got no heart to climb the hill
now the people must stand and walk hand in hand
To sing out the song the for the weak and the banned
For the poor ones are here with us still
They’re here with us still

No longer the wisdom of empty men
No longer the words of an empty pen
We’re stronger when reason is in our mind
Look deeper you never know what you’ll find
Time for real words and actions
I’ve got no time for these distractions
No more factions or reactions born in hate or fear
The future is near
Track Name: Five Years
Five years

Five years flow like presents now
Tear the paper screen
Pull the past towards my heart
Warming bitter time
Five years not the healing, but
Words on either side
Spirits caught free falling, love
Is such a sweet surprise

I have often sifted through
All the memories that haunt me
And I have often lost myself
In self indulgent pain
I’ve bottled up and run away
Cut myself from living hearts
What was it I couldn’t face
Well what ever it was must have passed

(Repeat Chorus)

If I travel far away
And though my life may change
Five years will not pass before
You hear my voice again

Is this what I need to make me breath
A mallet to my heart
What I need to bring me back
To all my secret parts
I am not heaven for her now
But the beast within her shadows
Once you saw that creature too
And five years did I run

(Repeat Chorus)
Love is such… a sweet… surprise
Track Name: I am a Work in Progress
I am a Work in Progress

here I am finding a voice as if I had a choice
of who I am cos this is who I am
if you give a damn about what I got to say
and the colours of my day

born in the south east grew up in the south west
In a part of Devon that has no roots in the
Earth - no sense of worth, no respect for the
Mysteries that surround us

I’m not from Brighton Manchester or Liverpool
or any of those places where the accent is a bit more
cool but Jesus got me breaking down the classes
And I will fight for justice for the masses

that would rhyme if I came from another part o
town - Still its time to get up of our assets

I am a work in progress, an incomplete design
A shadow of my creator, a reflection of the divine
A curious invention, built to fall apart
To discover in my breaking, the reason for my art
I am a work in progress, an imperfected scheme
A child on a journey, towards his makers dream
The point is I’m not finished yet, my story isn’t done
I know it never will be, until we all are one

So where do I go? I’ve been hiding in my
Studio – Trying to write the songs that speak to you
In the language of the world around me But
you ain’t got the words I need in your vocabulary

I wanna talk about angels and demons
I wanna talk about rebuilding the world
I wanna talk about purposes and reasons
I wanna see your wings unfurled

I wanna dream up a vision of the future
Where everything is brilliant and OK isn’t good enough
I want you to listen to the wisdom of the teacher
And ask bigger questions when you don’t understand stuff

The blinds are down in spite of the
sunshine – time for me to step outside now

repeat Chorus
Track Name: I Wish the Darkness Would Fall
I wish the Darkness would fall

I wish the night would come in its comforting shroud
So I could fall in love with myself in your arms
You say that this is not real but there’s truth in the lies
And you don’t know the half of me you foolish girl
I am afraid of you I am lost in you
And every word that’s lost on you flows from the heart
Do I not show the darkness that drives this machine
That I should fall in love with myself in your arms

I wish the darkness would fall
The road tumbling over us all
In the rumble of the engine’s song
In anyone sure what they see?
A huddle of travellers side by side
We speak with touch but few words confide
We are gently lost on a sleepy crowd
So let this moment wash over me

You are my secret tonight
My angel of sodium light
In defiance of all that I know
And all that I thought I would be
Which face is the true one I dare not say
But speak no words that bring back the day
You are quiet now and the lies don’t sound
So let this moment forever be

So what’s the fire that burns in the safety cage now
That steals your laughter and tells on your dishonest month
I know you’re scared to trust and you have to take charge
But the tighter you’re holding the more that you’re losing control
And you are full of colours so beautiful still
So trust won’t turn your smouldering spirit to grey
Why don’t you let the world come in and take a look round
So they can fall in love with themselves in your arms
Track Name: This Tiny Place
This tiny place

Need to find salvation in every word
Need to find God in all the absurd
Need to find the stillness at the centre of the wheel
Need to understand the way that I feel

Just the end of another incomplete day
And all of these things were not put away
The papers not sorted and the wound it never healed
The gravy on the unwashed plate has congealed

There is an island, and all the ships that pass
Stop to rest awhile in its port
And there is a mountain, that’s higher than the rest
And you cans see the world from its peak

Need to play again like I did as a child
Need to climb the hill to look over the bay
See the places where men walked in days gone by
Pray that I may learn from the marks they left

Yet another inconclusive search
All the answers locked in the pictures we see
But the key is not found and all our lives remain unhealed
May this unwashed soul someday be clean

There is a house and all the walls are white
Shining in the glory of your love
And there is a shop, and all the things they sell
Are labelled with the price they’re really worth

This is the world, and everything that’s in it
If we build heaven here, in this tiny place
This is the future, and all that we can make of it
If we build heaven here in our open hearts
These are the choices, and every time we get it wrong
There is another chance, but not forever
These are our lives, these lands the spirit’s hiding place
Will we hold it dear, or let it fall away?

Need to put the lid back on the pen
Need to call my old friends now and then
Need to remind myself of the reasons why I’m here
When all the world seems so unclear

Yet another disaster on the news
And every fool wants to hare their views
And all we needed was humility and grace
Reach out our empty hands and greet them face to face

And there was a man, who walked there long ago
And everything he said seemed to make sense
Wouldn’t it be great if we could call on him right now
To see if he could shed a little light
Track Name: Home

When you leave me here I will darken down
Fall into silences close my desire
Cold seems the sun though the summer draws on
Life keeps it’s meaning but faintly displays
All of its purpose so far from our eyes
Time has us waiting like winter again
Do you want to save the changes you made?
Stay with this child till he grows up again

So the seasons turn and so our skin will burn
We’ve got a lot of things to learn and every lesson leaves a scar
Every time we have to lose and every day that won’t return
Every injury we face self inflicted or predicted
Every lie we tell to a precious friend
All the hope that went every dream that had to end
All the times we swore we would never fall again
Bring us here, or at least near

You remind me of the soft summer sun
Come early in April late afternoon
You wander in full of your freshness and warmth
Leave the sweet taste of the day on our lips
When the bell rings I won’t answer the door
No one I long for is calling on me
Only the fish man, the salesman, the crook
Memories of spring now are lost in the heat


Here comes the autumn, the time of ingathering
All that we’re left in the summer fields
Here comes October, it’s so underrated
Where we count all our blessings and nurse all our wounds
And we’ll sit in dark rooms, and make plans for the future
We’ll dream and have visions, of the places we’ll build
We’ll drink to the future, the one that is coming
And we will recall all the places we’ve been

Now you’re my sister my brother my friend
Summer is over but light lingers on
Enter this house with tomorrow in mind
Unpack the things that you’ve carried so far
Sit down and rest till you’re ready to move
Many a day will we spend in this place
Wonderful things will we build on this ground
For here the foundations of heaven are found

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